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Flaine : Ski, art, well-being, a day in the Heart of Grand Massif


Rising majestically in the French Alps, Flaine emerges as a rare gem among ski resorts. Nestled in the heart of the Grand Massif ski area, this mountain enclave offers more than just a winter sports destination. The thrill of downhill runs meets artistic elegance, and the streets unveil monumental sculptures, turning every corner of the town into an open-air gallery.


From thrilling descents to moments of well-being and gastronomic delights, let us paint the picture of a perfect day in Flaine. 


alhena flaine petit dejeuner

8:00 am - Gentle wake-up


The first rays of sunlight pierce through the expansive windows of your room, signaling the start of a day filled with adventure. After a gentle wake-up, make your way to the breakfast room, conveniently located next to the luxurious reception lounge at the Alhena hotel and residence. Indulge in delightful pastries, jams, and other gourmet pleasures while feeling perfectly connected to nature. 


10:00 am - Headed to the slopes


After energizing for the morning, head to the slopes ! Before you go, stop by Simond Sport – Skimium store situated in Building B of the Alhena residence. Here, receive expert advice and find the high-quality gear you need to conquer the Grand Massif.


You can also conveniently order your passes to access the Grand Massif ski area directly at the Alhena reception, providing both comfort and significant time savings, allowing you to make the most of your day on the slopes. 


If you are already geared up, simply head to the residence’s ski room, leave your belongings in the lockers and make your way to the direct access to the slopes. The Grandes Platières cable car is just a few meters away, ready to take you an exciting ascent to the white paradise. 


To discover


For non-skiers, Flaine offers a world of off-ski activities to ensure your stay remains anything but monotonous while the rest of the family descends the 265 km of slopes in the Grand Massif. On the snow, get a taste of a magical dog sledding adventure, unleash your excitement with a Mountain Kart, or explore the trails with a Moonbike. But what truly sets Flaine apart is its status as an « open-ar museum ». Immerse yourself in local history with a guided tour or explore the artistic heritage by visiting the art centre. In Flaine, there is always something extraordinary to discover, even away from the slopes. 

Alhena flaine bar
Alhena Flaine Spa Montagnes du Monde Bain Bouillonnant

05:00 pm - The time for relaxation


The entire family gathers in the grand lounge of Alhena to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate while comfortably seated in the reception lounge’s chairs, as warm as they are colorful. Afterwards, you can take a well-deserved break at Spa Montagnes du Monde® wellness area. Between the sauna, hammam and hot tub, let yourself go, unwind, and fully appreciate the present moment. It’s the perfect relaxation after a day filled with adventures in the enchanting setting of Flaine. 


During the aperitif hour, M’bar extends a warm invitation to indulge in exquisitely crafted cocktails. Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and musical notes that grace the atmosphere during our concert nights. It’s a unique opportunity to relish the talent of our specially invited artists while allowing your feet to surrender to the intoxicating rhythm of the music. 


09:00 pm - At the table 


The most eagerly-awaited moment of the dinner has arrived, and it's on level 0 of the Alhena Hotel that Le Bauhaus is unveiled, a restaurant that brilliantly celebrates the mountain way of life. Set in a modern and inviting decor, it provides a panoramic view of the majestic Grand Massif. Here, the chef showcases his talent by offering a gastronomic experience that merges the flavor of the Alps and the Ocean. 

Indulge in oysters, shellfish, and crustaceans for a tasteful journey by the seaside, or choose a Savoyard fondue, a tartiflette, or a hot stone dish, providing an authentic mountain culinary experience. 

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