The best gastronomic tables in Chamonix

Firstly, the gastronomic restaurant the Albert I.  You will have the opportunity to try dishes by the famous Michelin-starred chef Pierre Maillet. A family restaurant with two stars in the Michelin Guide offering exceptional dishes.

A cuisine which respects the produce used. This Michelin-starred chef’s aim is to channel the produce he uses, to respect their texture and combine them with subtlety. «Simplicity is perfection. Things are perfect when they taste of what they are. ».

As for flavours, the chef picks lemon thyme, lemon balm, sage, wild thyme, marjoram, tarragon etc directly from the restaurant’s herb garden.

For five generations, the cuisine of this restaurant has benefitted from a Franco-Italian influence favouring Alpine produce: arctic char and ferra from Lake Geneva, calves’ sweetbreads, snails from the Mont-Blanc Valley, duckling from les Dombes, fattened Bresse chicken, cheeses, pork and lamb from surrounding farms.

Some dishes on the menu reflect the Piedmontese influence such as for example lemon risotto and « bottarga di tonno »: a risotto with white truffle from the Alps and crab raviolis on a semi-pris of turmeric bisque, goat’s cheese gnocchi and beetroot.

From his childhood in the Toulouse region and his travels around the world, Pierre Maillet uses flavours and spices he has discovered and from which he has drawn inspiration: Tonka beans, confit of turnip and hollandaise sauce…

You will have realised that Pierre Maillet has an unwavering passion for cooking and creates exceptional combinations with some highly original influences.

An explosion of flavour and pleasure in the mouth are guaranteed!

The gastronomic restaurant Le bistrot.

Running the gastronomic restaurant Le Bistrot, is the talented and passionate chef Danièle Raimondi. Of Italian origins, he is a Chamoniard at heart.

You will discover a « flavoursome, generous and subtly original» cuisine. 

Needless to say, you will find an Italian influence with such dishes as the « risotto carnaroli » with black truffle and « vitello tonnato », tomato, confit of lemon and salad shoots.

The gastronomic restaurant Le Rosebud.

10 minutes from Chamonix, in the heart of le Lavanche, the gastronomic restaurant Le Rosebud in the Hôtel du Jeu de Paume is a unique place not to be missed at the foot of the pine forest.

Here, you will find a cuisine which is structured round three themes: flavours of the world, the region and the classics.

As you can see, Chamonix is overflowing with good places to eat and for this article we have chosen three that you should not miss.

Awaken your taste buds in Chamonix

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