Christmas in the mountains: a fantasy world!

If there is one place where Christmas truly works its magic, it’s in the mountains. With their immaculate white covering, sparking with a thousand lights in the sun, their pine trees by the thousand, the changing light on their peaks and the incredible authenticity of their chalets.

Biscuits de Noel

And in this dreamlike setting, traditional evenings around the fire, large gatherings around tables laden with local specialities. But more than that. There are also countless activities and entertainments, so many rare moments and precious memories to collect. Specially concocted for you by resorts running over with hospitality and imagination.

Biscuits de Noel

Here, it will be a torchlight descent and a firework display that will make your eyes sparkle. There, a magical Christmas market, big parades, enchanting tales and an unexpected meeting with Father Christmas’ elves and lots of presents fallen from the sky. Christmas concerts and midnight Masses held in baroque churches with elaborate decorations that will send a collective thrill through all of you. And because he wouldn’t miss it for the world, in every village, hamlet and resort in Haute Savoie, Father Christmas will come down from the sky specially for the occasion.

Biscuits de Noel

Yes, if there is one place where Christmas truly works its magic, it’s the mountains.

It is even more evident in Haute Savoie, in the MGM residential complexes Samoëns, Chamonix, Les Houches and Le Grand Bornand. With such generous spaces and a sense of hospitality and service so strong you would think you were dreaming. And to add to the magic of the moment, from 18 to 25 December 2021, you can order your Christmas tree * with lights when you book your holiday! A special little finishing touch to add to the indefinable charm of Christmas in the mountains.

Résidence Anitéa - Valmorel

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