Spa Montagnes du Monde®

A feeling of well-being


Within our Montagnes du Monde® Spa center, you'll discover a diverse range of rituals dedicated to your well-being, each offering a unique experience. What truly sets our treatments apart is the quality and kindness of our staff, ensuring you receive 100% personalized care. It sounds like a luxurious and caring experience designed to enhance your well-being. 

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Pure Altitude© cosmetics


Naturally beneficial, Pure Altitude© products combine the antioxidant and soothing properties of edelweiss with those of over 50 mountain flowers and minerals. A successful blend of rare active ingredients that imparts its benefits slowly and diffuses its effects deeply, protecting you from aging and external aggressions. 

Treatments and rituals


Whether you choose exfoliation, massages, or wraps, whether they apply to the face or the entire body, our care rituals will be at times relaxing, at times hydrating, or at times firming, but always beneficial. It sounds like a range of indulgent and effective treatments catering to various needs.