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Center Wellness

Plunge into the world of wellness and calm: absolute relaxation guaranteed. Awaiting you is a delicious journey that brings together all the senses. Start with a session in the hammam. If you like a more toning heat, head for the sauna. Then swim through the colours in the infinity pool. Finally, relax under subdued lighting amongst the bubbles in the Jacuzzis.

The Facilities

Infiniy pool - Cristal de Jade***** - Chamonix | MGM

Infinity pool

If you dream of wellness and healthy living,

try out the Cristal de Jade’s indoor swimming pool: 14 m blue-tinged glints of light are conducive to relaxation.

The stainless steel and water can’t help but conjure up images of mountains and glaciers.

Children’s pool

Specially designed for the little ones, your children will be able to have fun in complete safety in the 7.50 m x 3m pool (depth: 35 cm).

And you will be able to swim in the main pool with complete peace of mind, keeping an eye on their well-being.

Enjoy these relaxing family moments.

Children's pool - Cristal de Jade***** - Chamonix | MGM
Fitness area - Cristal de Jade***** - Chamonix | MGM

Fitness area

A few steps from the swimming pool, the fitness area is perfect for getting gently back into training: cardiac sessions or muscle strengthening.

You will appreciate the complete set of ultra-modern equipment.

Make the most of your holidays to look after your health and your body.


Head for the hammam: spacious enough to accommodate up to 10 people. Did you know that it is the most effective way to unwind after physical effort?

With a humidity level of 90% and a temperature approaching 50 °, it also lets your skin eliminate toxins and impurities.

You will feel relaxed and your skin will look better.

Hammam - Cristal de Jade***** - Chamonix | MGM
Sauna - Cristal de Jade***** - Chamonix | MGM


If you like dry heat,

follow your hammam with a sauna: a temperature close to 80 ° to help the body to release the tensions that have built up during the day, boost the immune system and eliminate muscle aches and pains.

You will feel light and calm.

Hot tubs

Another way to relax: let the bubbling water subtly massage you.

The hot tub area is open to all ages.

Bask in the bubbles in the 2 Jacuzzis, take the plunge and let go: a moment to share with family or friends.

Hot tubs - Cristal de Jade***** - Chamonix | MGM

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