Spa in the French Alps

The «Montagne du Monde» Spas: enjoy the MGM experience

Benefit from the powers and virtues of natural elements and the expertise of our practitioners: relaxing massages with Alpine pine oils, wraps based on mineral mud with great powers of remineralisation, restorative exfoliation with salts from the Himalayas. Give in to the temptation of fully personalised treatments for men and women.

Quality, a wish to take care of you and generosity are the key words which characterise Pure Altitude’s line of treatments and products. The mountains are embodied as much by the warm atmosphere of MGM Spas as by the ingredients of the natural products used.

  • Swimming pool

Spend some enjoyable moments as a family round the heated swimming pools. Each complex has its own feature: infinity pool in le Grand-Bornand, stainless steel pool: Chamonix and aqua-fun areas especially suited to children: Chamonix, Samoëns. A place where all ages can share fun and laughter.

  • Hammam

After a day’s skiing or in the mountains, unwind, relax and take care of your body by treating yourself to the benefits of a hammam.

Enter a cotton-wool world, let a warm, humid mist envelope you and aromatically scented vapours carry you away.
Rejuvenate your skin! The action of water vapour opens the pores and so delicately cleans and purifies the skin.

Don’t forget to cool down between 2 sessions: cool water closes the pores of your skin, which then becomes firmer.

  • Sauna

Stretch out on the wooden benches in the sauna and experience deep relaxation.

Did you know that a sauna helps you to sleep better? Warmth persuades the body to release endorphins which encourage relaxation.

Dry heat, around 80°, quickly relieves muscle pain and other aches. By opening the pores, the sauna makes the skin suppler, improves its elasticity and allows it to release its toxins.
A cold shower after the sauna closes the pores which tones the skin.

  • Hot tubs

Bask in the bubbles of the 2 indoor Jacuzzis. A moment’s relaxation for all ages to be enjoyed as a family or to treat yourself in complete peace.

  • Fitness equipment


Because the quality of the treatments lavished on our clients remains our main concern, we are working towards bringing ever more wellness into our Wellness centres.

Treatment processes:
It is so that you feel the full and lasting benefits that the processes which we put in place in our Spas combine the effectiveness of natural products and high-performance techniques for our relaxing and re-energising treatments. The draining and plumping actions of body, face and scalp massages bring general well-being. Your complexion is fresher, the lines on your face smoothed and your skin is more comfortable and suppler. Does that make you want to try letting go?


MGM uses Pure Altitude cosmetics: a wellness commitment and an eco-responsible initiative.

To put the emphasis on the strength of essentially natural products gathered in the mountains and grown on organic farms and to let you enjoy the benefits of mountain flora: that is why we choose Pure Altitude cosmetic products for your treatments. The principle active ingredient used in facials and body treatments is the edelweiss flower. This famous white flower is recognised for its ability to improve the skin’s ability to protectitself against outside harm.


MGM Tout un monde de bien-être

Try a generous sensorial experience: every one of your visits to MGM Wellness Centres invites you to enjoy absolute relaxation.

In each of our complexes, you can experience the special characteristics of our Wellness and Spa Centres: choose the relaxing effects of a Jade Stone Massage in Chamonix, share a moment of complicity between Mother and Daughter in the Roc des Tours.

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