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Cancellation insurance

Snow garantee

  • The event of a lack or excess of snow according to the following clauses :
  • In a ski resort in which the top of the ski slopes are located at an altitude above 1600 meters.
  • For any departures included between the first week of Christmas and the 15th of April, during the ski lift opening of the ski resort where the insured party stays.
  • When it leads to 2/3 ski slopes closure of the ski area where the residence is located and where the insured party stays, for at least 2 days in a row, in the 2 days previous the insured party departure OR in the case of a ski lift stop or a total closure of ski area links for at least 2 days in a row, in the 2 days previous the insured party departure.

We mean by Ski Area the area of the ski resort in which the insured party spend his holidays.



  • Consequence of death, serious disease, accident, including after-effect aggravation of an accident or an existing disease.
  • CANCELLATION of all proved reasons
  • Are excluded of the guarantees, damages that come directly or indirectly from an epidemic or a pandemic declared and qualified such as by the WHO and/or that required quarantine measures and/or lockout required by the government.

Interruption of stay / Late arrival

Public liability insurance of the occupant tenant

  • Rental Liability
  • Neighbors and third party resort
  • Theft, burglary or vandalism
  • Various degradations diverse after running out of your deposit
  • (Excess of €50 per damage)

Assistance, information and help for traveling

  • Information services about visas
  • Information services about vaccination
  • Medical advice
  • Messages transmission
  • Passeport assistance, ID

People assistance

  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Sending a doctor on site
  • Repatriation at home
  • Repatriation of the body in case of death
  • Coffin charges
  • Deceased support
  • Anticipated return trip in case of death or a parent hospitalization
  • Anticipated return trip in case of serious damage at home
  • Presence of a family member with the hospitalized insured party
  • Sending of vital medicine
  • Care of extra time charges

Medical charges outside insured party home country

  • Repayment of actual charges without excess
  • Care in case of hospitalization

Legal assistance (payment of fee)

Charges of missing person and rescue services

about cancellation insurance

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We wanted our apartment complexes, chalets and hotels to be just what you wanted. From an exceptional setting, we have drawn inspiration and a taste of perfection. From a mountain with a thousand facets, we have extracted the singularity of the decor and the generosity of the materials. Out of a preserved tradition, we have reproduced the art of living and hospitality.
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