Cancellation insurance - Mutuaide Assurance

Cancellation due to lack or excess of snow

  • In addition to the main cover provided under the present terms and conditions, the Insurer guarantees, up to the maximum limit set out in the table of cover amounts, reimbursement of cancellation fees invoiced by the rental organization or the Owner of the rented property in application of its General Terms and Conditions of Sale when this cancellation, notified BEFORE DEPARTURE, is due to the closure of the ski area due to bad weather between December 15 and April 15 of each year, provided that the ski area in question is actually open during these periods.
  • Cover is acquired only if the following cumulative conditions are met:
    • The Ski Area is closed as a result of bad weather between December 15 and April 15 of the ski season concerned;
    • The bad weather leads to the closure of more than 70% of the Ski Area's slopes for at least 3 consecutive days;
    • The closure of the ski area occurred within 5 days prior to departure;
    • The closure is confirmed by a weather forecast published by the operator of the Ski Area concerned.

The guarantee only applies to Ski Areas (and Snow Fronts) located at an altitude of over 1000 meters..



For Medical Reasons*:

Illness, accident physical injury or death, including aggravation of the sequelae of an accident or pre-existing illness.


Cancellations for all justifiable reasons*: 10% deductible

Serious material damage, dismissal, incapacity, summons, professional transfer, etc. (see complete list on the schedule of benefits).​


Interruption of stay / Late arrival*:

Reimbursement of unused ground services on a prorata temporis basis.

Resort Liability*:

Guarantee of the financial consequences of the civil liability that the insured may incur towards third parties due to physical and immaterial damage following a fire, water damage, explosion (see table of guarantees)


Covid 19 extension: with deductible

Cancellation due to Covid 19 before - during your stay


*see complete list on the guarantee table

on the general conditions of cancellation insurance from our partner Areas

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