The Wellness Centre at Hotel Alexane, the benefits of the spa in our 4-star lodging

at the Hotel Alexane

In the heart of the village of Samoëns, let yourself be tempted by the 1,000 m² Wellness Centre at Alexane Hotel & Spa. Indoor heated pool, children's pool, sauna, steam room, spa and sensory shower... So many water therapy facilities to try with family or friends. A unique stay where your well-being is our main concern.

Indoor swimming pool - Résidence Alexane - Samoens | MGM Hôtels & Résidences

Indoor swimming pool

Relax with your family in our heated infinity pool.

Children's pool

A space suitable for children and designed for their well-being.               

Steam room

Ideal after a day of skiing or an outing in the mountains, let yourself be transported by the aromatic essences diffused by the vapour. With a humidity of 90% and heated to between 40 and 50 degrees, the steam room purifies and cleans the skin. Don’t forget to refresh with cold water between sessions, which helps to tighten the pores of your skin, making it firmer and more beautiful.


For lovers of a revitalising dry heat, head for the sauna. Continue your wellness journey with a session in the sauna to release your accumulated tensions. Under the effect of the heat, toxins and bodily aches are eliminated.

Sauna, Hammam, Hot tubs - Résidence Alexane - Samoens | MGM Hôtels & Résidences
Nordic bath Sensory shower Hot tub - Résidence Alexane - Samoens | MGM Hôtels & Résidences

Hot tub

Young and old are invited to relax in our indoor jacuzzis, overlooking the pool.

Sensory shower

Escape with the seasons in our multi-faceted sensory shower, from tropical rain to wild winds, birdsong to thunderstorms. Ideal for experimenting with hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, light therapy, music therapy and aromatherapy.

Nordic bath

Immerse yourself in this cold bath after a session in the sauna or steam room. The temperature of the water, between 0 and 18 degrees, contracts the blood vessels, previously dilated by the heat, to reactivate the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Spa Montagne du Monde,
well-being and relaxation at the heart of your stay in Samoëns

Enjoy your vacation at the 4-star hotel Alexane and take advantage of our hydrotherapy facilities.

Treatment cabins

In the refined atmosphere of our cabins, enjoy treatments based on high-quality natural products. With our Spa Suite equipped with a twin bath, spend a shared moment in complete privacy! Also discover the personalised body wrap on a water bed for a unique sensory moment.

Spa Suite

Book the Spa Suite for a memorable moment of relaxation! Give yourself a well-being break with a choice of a bath with essential oils, our Signature Mountains of the World massages or our rituals for two.

Private steam cabin

Treat yourself to a moment of intimacy in the private steam room with fragrant scents of essential oils. Complete the benefits with a body treatment tailored to your needs by our practitioners.

The water bed cabin

Experiment with body wraps on a water bed. A unique sensation of weightlessness where you immerse yourself in a state of deep relaxation.

Les cabines de soins - Résidence Alexane - Samoens | MGM Hôtels & Résidences

Himalayan Salt Wall Relaxation Room

Settle comfortably in our heated armchairs facing the salt walls extracted from the Himalayan mountains. With chromotherapy colours projected on the salt, your muscles will quickly ease.

Salle de relaxation - Résidence Alexane - Samoens | MGM Hôtels & Résidences
Les produits Pure Altitude  - Résidence Alexane - Samoens | MGM Hôtels & Résidences

Pure Altitude© products

Pure Altitude© products use assets with valuable cosmetic benefits. Edelweiss is the flagship active ingredient of the brand’s beauty treatments. This mountain plant offers natural protection against external aggressions and signs of ageing skin.

The treatment menu

Enjoy switching off completely and experience our Mountains of the World treatments. A flower bath, body wrapping on a floatation bed, hot Andean stone massage... Try out our rituals over one or more days, alone or in pairs.

Discover all our treatments

Carte des soins - Résidence Alexane - Samoens | MGM Hôtels & Résidences

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